Isole 51 42 S 057 51 WEP

by le ROSE

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Isole 51 42 S 057 51 WEP

The Malvine are a remote and beautiful group of islands, with a temperate climate, friendly, welcoming people, unbelievably rich wildlife and a unique way of life. Before the arrival of european people the isles were uninhabited, In 1833 England established his sovereignty all over the arcipelago. Soledad ("lonliness" in spanish) is the name of the Eastern Falkland. The numbers on the title (51 42 S 057 51 WEP ) are the terrestrial coordinates of this isle. This ep (first of a trilogy) is a story about the lonley european conqueror and his army. They're shipping towards remote places to civilize them. But, tired for the long trip, they're now starting to regret the reason why they left and feel wrong for the irreversible separation from a true original life. Modern melodies over the '80s, a very european sound, different from le Rose's debut album. Hypnotic proof with a long-standing love for house and dub music, this ep sounds like Eurythmics in acid sauce. Full of Nostalgia and astonishment, this music is a contemplation of an era made of fakes and illusions.

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released July 5, 2012

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le ROSE Milano, Italy

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